The navel is life itself!

Did you know that more than 72000 veins connect to the navel?

By stimulating your belly button, you send vital life force to all parts of the body which reinvigorates on all levels.

Applying NAVEL WORX essential oil remedies allows access to and supports most systems of the body from one tiny location.

Our Promise

NAVEL WORX remedies are sustainable high quality pure and organic essential oils from reputable farmers throughout the world and contain no artificial additives.


  1. Store your NAVEL WORX remedy in a cool dry environment in its sock to protect it from direct light and extreme temperatures.
  2. Drop 5 drops into and around your navel.
  3. Massage in and around your navel before going to sleep.

Try the
Navel WorX range

We have remedies to slow down ageing, help you sleep, nurture anxiety and relieve aches. Nature knows best. Allow her to cure, restore and balance!



Weight loss support.

Mustard Oil and Ginger Oil.

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