Heal Your Respiratory System

Helping to Cure Bronchitis, as well as Whooping cough and upper respiratory inflammation.
Remove Mucus from the airways and lungs to eradicate Shortness of Breath

Why use Navel WorX Essential Oils?

The naval is a hotspot for the circulatory system with over 72 000 blood vessels connected to it. As such, applying essential oils directly to the navel allows for fast and efficient distribution of the essential oil into the limbic system, a brain region that influences our emotions and nervous systems. Proponents suggest that essential oils may affect a number of biological factors, such as heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure, breathing, and immune function – which in return all links back to your respiratory system and the health thereof.

No Special Diets Or Alternative Routines Needed

As an anti-spasmodic, Dr Oil helps to relax your arteries and veins thus lowering blood pressure and stress to your heart. It further serves as a diuretic helping your body to shed excess water, salt and toxins that help with overall weight, blood pressure and digestion making it a good supplement to your anti-inflammatory foods list.
As an expectorant, it can help remove mucus from your airways and lungs which is one of the major causes of shortness of breath.

Leandré, B

Just wanted to tell you that the dr. oil remedy is still working amazingly…its really been life changing to be able to breath normally!! Very grateful for this oil.

Cyle, M

From the very first morning I could already feel a difference - as a long time smoker, I can't remember the last time I did not have a irritating morning cough. Lo and behold after the first use I had no Shortness of breath the next morning - I can't believe its this easy.

Janice, K

I have been struggling for years with mucus and respiratory inflammation. After 2 weeks of use, my symptoms have subsided so much so that I am not dreading waking up every morning anymore. Not to mention the high quality oils gives me better sleep than I had in years!

Michelle, M

I have always struggled with seasonal sinus, which also affects my lungs. I’ve used Dr. Oil for a few days, and the results are amazing! All the mucus in my chest is loosening up, and I feel like a new person!

Brett, L

I have asthma and this has helped me big time. Really opened up my lungs after 1 week. Great product


I initially started using this oil purely to help with my asthma and breathing issues. I found that it not only helped with anything and everything respiratory, but also improved general well being and significantly increased my immune system defenses across the board.

Easy Application

  1. Store your NAVEL WORX remedy in a cool dry environment in its sock to protect it from direct light and extreme temperatures.
  2. Warm a few drops in your palm.
  3. Massage in and around your navel before going to sleep.
  4. See the Oil work its magic into your lungs and airways

Ingredients:  White Thyme Oil and Sweet Almond Oil.

Why you should return to nature to heal your respiratory system

The respiratory system is quite vulnerable to infection, and as such there are many reasons one can find themselves with a shortness of a breath. Our main ingredient being White Thyme Oil is approved by Germany’s Commission E as the answer to how to cure bronchitis fast, as well as whooping cough and upper respiratory inflammation. Navel Worx Dr.Oil blend is the best medicine for a sore throat and cough and as such is a must in every household. It is an overall aid in more ways than one.



White Thyme Oil and Sweet Almond Oil.

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Why Navel WorX is Special

Being an all-natural process, homoeopathy is completely safe. All the remedies are derived from natural substances like plants, flowers and fruits and are all non-toxic and non-inflammatory. As such, all the negative side effects that are associated with traditional medical procedures such as hampered digestion, reduced immune response and allergic reactions are not factors in homoeopathy.

Homoeopathy is one of the most popular methods for holistic health and well being worldwide for these benefits. Its lack of harmful side effects allows it to be used for all ages, from babies to the elderly, and its vast range of products and remedies means there is a product for any ailment you may be facing.