Burn Fat The Natural Way

Formulated specifically with Mustard Seed Oil and Ginger Oil to speed up the process of burning excess body fat throughout your body.

Why use Navel WorX Essential Oils?

The naval is a hotspot for the circulatory system with over 72 000 blood vessels connected to it. As such, applying essential oils directly to the navel allows for fast and efficient distribution of the essential oil into the limbic system, a brain region that influences our emotions and nervous systems. Proponents suggest that essential oils may affect a number of biological factors, such as heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure, breathing, and immune function – which in return all links back to fat gain and/or loss

No Special Diets Or Alternative Routines Needed

Ginger Essential Oil’s detoxifying and digestive properties facilitate the elimination of toxins and boost digestion. Additionally, it eases discomforts associated with the stomach and bowel. Mustard Seed, on the other hand, is rich in healthy fats to keep your energy levels up while it decreases your appetite and supports your metabolism to catalyze the process of burning calories, making it easier to burn belly fat.

Anele, L

I have been using Fat Burner for only two weeks now and the results have been more than telling. I feel like a new confident woman.

Carel, B

Wow! I’ve already lost 6cm around my middle, 3cm around my thighs and 2cm on my calves. Amazing!

Marelize, W

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve already lost 11cm around my tummy, but still no kg on the scale. Already so many people told me they can see I lost weight! Thank you for the oil!

Deidré, I

So excited! 5cm off my stomach, I can’t believe it, it’s amazing! AND 2 cm off of my arms. Thank you for letting me try this amazing ointment!

Michael, L

Down 6cm. Beatrice also using the oils – already shrinking! Loving it!

Lizelle, K

These photos have been taken 3 weeks ago. I am definitely losing cm’s…and I didn’t change my diet at all…I am going to change my diet to a more unprocessed one to burn faster…I am a believer…

Michael, L

Waist another 2cm down. 4cm down since Friday. Flabbergasted….

Hannah, H

Measurements after 2 weeks as follows; Upper Arm: 39 -> 35 / Chest:108 -> 107.5 / Middle:105 -> 99 / Hips:118 -> 116 / Thighs:70 -> 65, VERY Impressed.

Leandré, B

works wonderfully

Lorraine, H

I dropped from a size 38 to a size 32 😃♥️ it’s amazing

Paul, O

Fantastic product. I was super skeptical about using this product as it was not the cheapest, but after 2 weeks I dropped 3cm on my thighs and I lost my double chin. It really works

Easy Application

  1. Store your NAVEL WORX remedy in a cool dry environment in its sock to protect it from direct light and extreme temperatures.
  2. Warm a few drops in your palm.
  3. Massage in and around your navel before going to sleep.
  4. See the Fat Burner Oil work its magic

Ingredients: Mustard Seed Oil and Ginger Oil

Why you should return to nature to help you lose weight

There are numerous factors that can influence body weight. The individual has no control over some of these factors, including developmental determinants, genetic makeup, gender, and age. Other factors that influence body weight over which the individual has potential control include a level of physical activity, diet, and some environmental and social factors. Many proponents of modern medicine suggest weight loss pills as to the solution on how to lose belly fat.

However, one should return to Nature and follow a healthy unprocessed diet and allow Navel WorX Fat Burner Oil, formulated specifically with Mustard Seed Oil and Ginger Oil to speed up the process of burning excess body fat throughout your body.


Weight loss support.

Mustard Oil and Ginger Oil.

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Why Navel WorX is Special

Being an all-natural process, homoeopathy is completely safe. All the remedies are derived from natural substances like plants, flowers and fruits and are all non-toxic and non-inflammatory. As such, all the negative side effects that are associated with traditional medical procedures such as hampered digestion, reduced immune response and allergic reactions are not factors in homoeopathy.

Homoeopathy is one of the most popular methods for holistic health and well being worldwide for these benefits. Its lack of harmful side effects allows it to be used for all ages, from babies to the elderly, and its vast range of products and remedies means there is a product for any ailment you may be facing.