An ongoing problem in life, especially as one ages, is the aching and pain in both joints and connective tissue. This is referred to as Rheumatism or Rheumatic disorders. These pains may be caused by toxins lingering in the tissues. This special formula of Juniper Berry Oil, Pure Frankincense Oil, Jojoba Oil and Roman Chamomile Oil is designed to have anti-inflammatory properties that may reduce pain throughout the entire body, from socket joints in the shoulders to ligament pains in your knee.

How does it help?

Juniper berries have anti-rheumatic properties, which makes this essential oil great for treating arthritis and gout. Its circulation-stimulating elements help Juniper Berry Essential Oil remove toxins from the blood and reduce swelling from inflammation. Pure Frankincense Oil also has incredible anti-inflammatory effects. Roman Chamomile Oil has been used for centuries for its anti-inflammatory properties in addition to its pain and anxiety-relieving effects. Lastly, Jojoba Oil aids in wound recovery its antibacterial and anti-oxidizing properties promote general wellness.